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Crane Dehumidifier Review – Compact Portable Design, Great Performance

I recently purchased a Crane dehumidifier, according to a suggestion from The Dehumidifier Experts, to combat the rising levels of humidity in my house. My family was tired of feeling sticky and uncomfortable, so I decided to buy this compact portable model that could effectively remove moisture up to 300 square feet with its 0.5 gallon/2 liter water tank. The installation was simple and straightforward – all it took were a few minutes for me to get everything set up correctly! After using the product for several weeks now, I can confidently say that this is an excellent choice if you’re looking for effective moisture removal at an affordable price point.

My Crane Dehumidifier Detailed Review

Effective – Dehumidifies up to 300 sq. ft.

With the temperatures soaring in summer, houses can become stuffy and damp. If a humidity-filled room is driving you mad, invest in this amazing dehumidifier. It’s an incredibly efficient way to combat excess moisture without breaking your budget! This Crane unit removes up to 300 square feet of accumulated wetness which means its good enough for smaller rooms as long as they don’t exceed that area limit, you’re golden! And with its compact design and 0.5 gallon / 2 liter water tank on board – what more could anyone ask for really?

Portable – Fits in small spaces

crane dehumidifier review

Fed up with the constant damp in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom? Wish you could move it around quite easily to wherever there is a moisture problem? Well, now you can. Thanks to this dehumidifier from Crane its compact and lightweight design allows it to fit comfortably in small spaces AND makes it super portable for convenient use all over your home! So what are you waiting for? Get rid of that pesky humidity once and for all!

Auto Shut Off Safety Feature

You can be thankful the Crane Dehumidifier has an Auto Shut-Off Safety Feature that kicks into action when the 0.5 gallon 2 Liter Water Tank is full and turns off the device before it overflows. Now, you no longer have to worry whether your dehumidifier will turn of automatically or not– this nifty feature takes care of itself!

Clean Control – Removable Tank and Smooth Exterior

This Crane dehumidifier maximizes convenience with its Clean Control feature – especially designed for super easy emptying and cleaning. Its removable tank enables you to easily clean the unit without ever having to tilt it and tear apart clogged parts. Furthermore, thanks to its smooth exterior, there’s no risk of dirt or dust remaining on the surface either! No more struggling with hard-to-reach places!

Whisper Quiet

No more having to turn up the volume on your favorite TV show to drown out noisy dehumidifying- this little beauty is whisper quiet! The Crane Dehumidifier goes about its job of sucking all that excess moisture from the air, but does so quietly and efficiently. Thanks to sound enclosing technology, it won’t make a peep as it works in bedrooms, living rooms or other spaces of up to 300 sq. feet.

Review and Score

My Score: 81/100

I recently purchased this Crane Dehumidifier for my basement that has been getting damp and humid. The product arrived earlier than expected and I was able to set it up without too much difficulty, as the instruction manual was easy to follow. It is small, compact and can be easily moved from room-to-room or stored away when not in use yet its powerful 200W motor effectively collects moisture up to 300 sq. feet!

After running this unit in my laundry room for a few days, I noticed an immediate difference — no more musty smell or clammy feeling walls. Overall, this dehumidifier works well – collecting both dust particles and stubborn humidity levels with ease – so I’d give it an 81/100 score.

Additionally, 11 customer reviews on Amazon scored the product fairly high ranging between 4 & 5 stars out of five stars each indicating how satisfied they were with their purchase of this efficient device . After all these finding , if you’re looking at tackling humidity issues in cutting down indoor air moisture levels then consider purchasing one of these popular dehumidifiers today !


Overall, the Crane Dehumidifier is an effective and reliable machine for removing moisture from up to 300 square feet. Its compact design makes it easy to move around any space, while its large water tank holds enough capacity after long-term use. With its affordable price tag, this dehumidifier definitely provides a good value for your money – highly recommended!

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